Learn How To Properly Insure An Antique Properly

If you have recently bought a piece of antique furniture at an antique sale, you need to take it to an antique appraiser (such as one from Bucks County Estate Traders) to ensure that you insure it for the right amount on your homeowner's insurance policy. Learn what the appraiser will be looking for with the following guide. The Overall Condition of the Item The appraiser will inspect the item thoroughly. They will be looking for any signs of damage and if any of the parts of the antique have been replaced. Read More 

Learn How To Transform A Dresser Into An Entertainment Center

Wooden furniture is designed to be durable and long-lasting. If you have found a beautiful dresser that you absolutely love, but cannot find the matching bed or nightstand, do not leave the dresser at the store. You can turn the dresser into a beautiful entertainment center quickly and easily. Use the following guide to learn how to transform the dresser within just a few hours. Prepare the Interior of the Dresser Read More 

Add Decorative Features To Complement Your New Office Furniture

After buying new office furniture, add some decorative features to complement your new purchases and showcase your personality. When finished, you will have an appealing area to complete your work in and can appreciate the special touches that you have added. Monogrammed Mail Tray Create a monogrammed mail tray to place on your desk. Attach letter stencils to the top of a metal tray with two-sided tape. Fill in the cut out portion of each stencil with acrylic craft paint and a thin paintbrush. Read More 

Tips To Decorate Playroom With Fun Furniture

Creating a playroom means creating a space where kids want to be. You don't want to fill the room with dark, boring furniture. Leather couches and playrooms do not go hand in hand. Follow these tips to create a fun, livable space for your little ones to play in. Reading Corner Every playroom needs a reading corner. Start with your bookshelves. A tree bookcase is very populate because it doesn't take up a lot of space, but still holds several books. Read More 

Making End Tables Out Of Wooden Barstools

If you're like most people, you've picked up a couple wooden barstools at your local department store to add more seating in your home. Most of these don't have backs and are light in color, so they can have other purposes in the home. One idea is to use them as end tables on the side of the sofa in the living room. This guide provides the steps to create end tables out of wooden barstools. Read More