Furniture Blues? 5 Times You Should Refinish Instead Of Replace

Are you tired of the look of your furniture? Do you want to give your space a makeover? In your situation, most people's first instinct is to replace the furniture. But have you considered the benefits of refinishing it instead? Here are a few situations in which furniture refinishing may be the perfect answer. 

1. When You Just Need New Colors. Refinishing is the easiest way to transform furnishings by changing their wood color. Older furniture that was designed in a dark tone like cherry or mahogany can be turned into a lighter and more modern-looking piece. You can completely alter the wood's appearance or just give it a lighter shade of the same wood type.  

2.  When The Furniture Has Value. If you paid a lot of money for a good piece of furniture, likely the last thing you want to do is give it away or throw it out. But an older style of wood furniture may not have a lot of resale value even though you paid a lot for it. The answer to this dilemma is to refinish the wood and turn it into a new piece you can continue to enjoy for many years.

3. When It's an Unusual Piece. Some furniture elements fit just right in the space you have. This could be anything from an eclectic chair or table that works perfectly as a showpiece to a large bed ensemble which finishes your master suite to a 'T'. Unusual elements are very hard to replace, so you should consider altering them in order to update the look without losing the unique fit of the item to its room. 

4. When the Furniture Is Well Made. Good, solidly-made furniture can be a rare find these days. Older or vintage items as well as heirlooms passed down through the family are treasures in themselves because they are designed to last. In this case, why get rid of something with many useful years left? Instead, give it a fresh look for the modern day and keep on letting it serve you.

5. When You're On a Budget. Total room makeovers aren't always an option for budget-minded homeowners. If your remodel budget is tight, refinishing can be much less expensive than replacing an entire set. Since all the pieces in a room — particularly in bedroom and living room sets — should all be complementary wood textures, refinishing accomplishes a lot without having to replace everything in the room. 

Do you find yourself in any of these situations? Whether you're on a budget or just have good reasons to keep the furniture you have, refinishing could be the perfect answer. Learn more by visiting with a furniture refinisher in your area today.