Need A New Office Plan?

With businesses across the country beginning to open up again, you're probably thinking about what you need to do in order to bring your employees back to work on site.

There's lots of things to take into consideration. When will you feel safe bringing people back into the office? How bad is Covid-19 in your area? A lot of states are seeing a new resurgence in outbreaks. You don't want to force people to choose between their safety and their job, that's an impossible situation to put people in, and you may lose good employees that way. But you don't know where to start with setting your office up with these new goals and understandings in mind.

Fortunately, there are people who do this for a living. What you need is an office planning designer. They know that a lot of businesses will need to reconfigure their internal space in order to resume more normal operations and schedules. Here's some questions they may ask you about your office plan, so they can better help you get your office set up for the oncoming weeks and months as the country waits for a vaccine to become available.

How Many Employees Will Come Back Full-Time?

You will definitely want to take the temperature of your employees. Some who thrive in the office may be struggling at home, and some who were fine in the office turned out to be much better at working from home. Some will want the flexibility of being able to work from home, some days, as well. Now that you have the infrastructure set up for such a thing, it's worth thinking about who absolutely needs to be in the office. Some will do better with the structure of a work day, and some will need the flexibility in order to fulfill all their roles.

How Much Space Can You Spare?

You may have space devoted to meetings and conferencing, but you've likely recently learned that it's not as necessary as you thought. A lot of those meetings can be handled via email, or a quick conversation over video chat. Maybe you can sacrifice some of that space to set up more work stations, or use it as a more temporary work space for those who only need to work in office one or two days a week. You also may have some space set aside for recreation that is not going to be used for the near future- the break room is likely necessary, but how many people can play ping pong while social distancing? Figure out what you and your employees are willing and able to do without, space wise, so you can clear more space for larger gaps between desks and more room for people to move around each other safely.