3 Things To Display In Your China Cabinet

Inheriting a china cabinet like an antique French Louis XV Vitrine cabinet from your grandmother or mother may be something you have always wanted. Not only are cabinets like this beautiful, but they simply don't make cabinets that look like them anymore. Even though you may have always wanted to inherit a beautiful piece of furniture like this cabinet, you may not know exactly what to do with it. Whether you collect china or you have a large book collection, this article will list a few different things for you to display in your cabinet.


The most obvious thing for you to store in your cabinet is some china. Whether you have a full set of china or you are just starting your collection, having a cabinet to display your beautiful dishes in will help add to the design of your dining room. To really put your dishes on display, consider having cabinet lighting installed inside in order to illuminate all of your dishes while they are being stored. Another thing you can do is get things like plate stands to prop up pieces so that they look even better inside of your cabinet.


If you live in an old house that is short of storage space you may be wondering where on earth, you're going to put all of your linens. From table linens to bed linens, you can display them in your cabinet in a beautiful way. For instance, you can fold them and lay them directly on the shelves inside or you can organize them in baskets. Having the extra storage space will save you a lot of stress and hassle. If you don't think that your linens necessarily look good inside of the cabinet then consider putting your cabinet in a room that gets less foot traffic like your bedroom. 


Books are one of the most beautiful things that you can display in your house. Rather than just putting your books in a traditional bookcase, they may look really beautiful organized inside of your cabinet. Having them in such a beautiful cabinet may also remind you to pick up some of your old books and reread them every now and again. 

Don't let your china cabinet just sit in storage gathering dust. As you can see, there are several unique things that you can do with yours in order to get the most use out of it.