Getting Into The “Gig” Business: What You Will Need For Home Office Furniture

The "gig" business is the trending phrase applied to any sort of work you can do from home and from which you can make a decent living. For example, freelance writers and graphic artists can do a lot of work from home and get paid for what they do. However, it is very important to establish a work space, a home office from which you can operate and avoid distractions while you work. Here are some suggestions for home office furniture you will need from office furniture showrooms:

A Desk

Your desk can initially be a chest height table, too, but a desk is key for staying on track and staying focused. A desk is also more conducive to supporting your computer, even if your computer is a laptop. If you are operating a graphic design or interior design gig business, then you definitely need a desk for all of the extra tools you will need to have in front of you. 

A Comfortable, Adjustable Desk Chair

You want a desk chair that supports your back and does not leave your buttocks numb. You also do not want a desk chair that is so comfortable it makes you want to take a nap. You may have to sit in several desk chairs (like Goldilocks!) until you find the right one. Make sure you can adjust the height of the chair, too, since it will need to adjust to a height conducive to working at the desk you just bought. 

A Small Filing Cabinet

Until things really get rolling for you business-wise, you may not need much physical file storage. A small, two-drawer file cabinet is economical, both in cost and in the amount of space needed to fit this cabinet. As you go along, you may discover that you do not need a filing cabinet at all, but at least it is there in case you do need it. 

Guest/Client Chairs

If you are going to have actual clients drop by your home office on a semi-regular basis (you might if it is a design business), then two appropriately placed and matched guest/client chairs in front of your own desk will be needed. That way, you do not have to scramble for chairs if and when guests/clients drop by to view proofs or designs of things you have made. Providing a place for your guests or clients to sit is just the basics of professionalism.