Heading To A Home Furniture Showroom? 3 Things To Pay Attention To

If you are thinking about buying home furnishings but you struggle with choosing styles, colors, and furniture options for your home, heading to a furniture showroom can be incredibly helpful. Since home furniture showrooms have furniture set up like individual living spaces, it makes it easy to find pieces that meld well with each other and work for your space. Here are three things you should keep on your mind while you visit a home furniture showroom.  

1.    Product Pairings

Instead of just paying attention to what furniture is available, pay attention to which furniture pieces are paired alongside one another. Think about how the shapes, colors, and textures of the furniture pieces play off of one another, and choose pieces that create an interesting color palate.  

For instance, if you purchase an orange-brown leather sofa, a blue fabric chair might look great in your space since orange and blue are opposite on the color wheel. Incorporating a chunky knitted ottoman may look great because it could add a new texture other than the smooth leather and tightly woven fabric of the sofa.  

2.    Lighting

While some home furniture showrooms have the entire space illuminated from the ceiling, others offer lighting in layers, with table lamps and other light fixtures sending great shadows across the space. As you shop for furniture, don't hesitate to upgrade your lighting as the right lamp or light fixture could create more visual interest.  

When choosing lighting, remember to take into consideration the height of your ceilings and what kind of lighting you need for the space. Plan for enough space at the top of tables to eat and pass food around, and compare light fixtures with one another to make sure you choose a lamp or chandelier that will look great in your space.  

3.    Size and Scale

Size and scale are very easy to ignore in home furniture showrooms since the space is typically much larger than your home. Make sure to bring the measurements of the room you are decorating with you, and always compare potential furniture selections with what you are looking for.  

Shopping smart starts with a trip to the furniture showroom, so check out furniture selections in your area. Always ask for help from a professional furniture expert as they know their way around showrooms and may offer helpful advice. Consider asking about things like upcoming specials, product warranties, and delivery options to get the most out of your purchase.