Furniture For A Small Apartment: Making Selections

Whether making the move to a first place or downsizing to a apartment, space could immediately be an issue. You might be used to much more room for your belongings, and claustrophobia may threaten to set in. Luckily, these smart furniture decisions can help you feel freer and more comfortable.

Measure Areas

Too many people buy furniture they think will suit a small area without knowing for sure. Before moving or purchasing anything, know exactly how many square feet you've got. Measure individual pieces in a furniture set before deciding to bring them home.

Seek Out Multi-Use Options

You may need to forgo coffee tables and side tables when working with a small space. Instead, always look for pieces which will permit multiple uses. For instance, a trunk can act as a flat surface to put mugs on as well as a place to store blankets. Ottomans can handle small stacks of books and store the rest. A futon can give you a place to sleep at night and a place to sit during the day. By eliminating unnecessary furniture pieces with a single use, you'll have more space in the apartment.

Use Shelves

If you just can't fit another thing on the floor without obstructing your ability to walk, look to the walls. Mounting shelves uses wall space, freeing up more space on your floors. In fact, a room can seem much larger if you focus on putting shelves near the ceiling, since they naturally cause the eyes to lift.

Remember Mirrors

Tricking the eyes can often create the illusion of additional space even if the reality doesn't match. Placing mirrors opposite either windows or other mirrors will seem to enlarge the area.

Use Statement Pieces

You may be assembling small knicknacks, pictures, and other pieces to match your small apartment. However, this can reinforce the idea that the space is cramped and small. If you get one interesting statement piece, it may actually be more effective.

Use Lucite Pieces

Your primary indication when checking out pieces might be to focus on glass items because you can see through them. While that's a wise thought, you may also be nervous about glass cracking or shattering. Therefore, consider lucite furniture sets; lucite is plastic, so it's transparent and will provide the look of glass without the worry that it will break in your small space.

With guidance, your small place shouldn't feel too restrictive. These recommendations, input from furniture retail staff, and help from friends can help you create a great looking home regardless of size. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Chris Furniture.