What The Shape Of Your Conference Room Tables Have To Say

Most people would not expect a conference room table to speak. Yet. like most inanimate objects in this world, it is the nonverbal or subconscious message that these objects project which makes them "speak." If you are about to buy some conference room tables, consider their shape, as it is the shape of a conference room table that says something about you and your company or business. If you are not aware of the "secret language of tables," here is a crash course.

Round Tables

Just like King Arthur and his knights, a round table makes everyone equal. Everyone sitting at a round table has a fair and vested interest in what is happening at the conference or meeting, and everyone is entitled to speak. Round tables also tend to put everyone at ease because no one is expecting to be the prime focus or sole speaker.

Oval Tables

Oval tables have a similar "table speak" to round tables, except that there is clearly a head and foot end (i.e., a king and a queen end). You can actually change an oval table's "table speak" by not placing chairs at the head and foot ends (i.e., the pointier ends of the oval). If you only place chairs on the sides of the oval, it becomes more of a tete-a-tete meeting rather than a conference. Because of the subconscious ambiguities of the oval tables and their "table-speak," they are not used all that often.

Rectangle Tables

Rectangle tables profoundly proclaim that the person at the head of the table is in charge, and the person at the foot of the table is either the second-in-command or the honored guest. If you buy a rectangle conference table, you will find that you feel powerful sitting at the head of it. However, you may also find it intimidating if your "guests of honor" choose to sit there instead, thereby placing you at the foot end. When the conference room or meeting room is full, those higher up in the chain of command sit to your left and right, while those lower down sit closer to the foot end.

Square Tables

Square tables, like round tables, tend to make everyone equals. It also makes meetings and conferences more intimate, as square tables are rarely made to be very large and rarely seat more than four people. If you and one other employee are meeting with just two others, a square table is perfect.

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