4 Ways To Save Money On Patio Furniture

If you want to upgrade your existing patio furniture or just start buying some patio furniture to use outside this year, here are four ways you can save money while adding furniture to your patio or porch this summer.

Buy One Piece At A Time

If you can't afford to buy an entire eight piece outside set all at once, don't fret about it. Instead, work on purchasing one piece at a time. Start out by purchasing a set of chairs that you can sit and relax in for now but that would also work well with the patio table you want to purchase in the future. Next, purchase a patio table so you have somewhere to eat at. Then, purchase a umbrella to rest under. Over time, add more patio chairs until you have a full set. Buying one piece at a time in a strategic manner will allow you to enjoy your patio at a rate that you can afford.

Try Layaway

Many of the big department stores still offer layaway options. If you see a patio set that you would love to have but can't splurge on all at once, see if your local store offers a layaway option. If they do, be prepared to put down a deposit on the patio set you want to purchase and be prepare to make weekly payments. Generally, you'll have a set amount of time to pay off your layaway purchase. Make sure you understand all of the terms and are able to meet them.

Upgrade Your Furniture

To change up your patio, you don't have to purchase an entirely new patio set. Instead, see if you can work with your patio set and upgrade it. If your patio set is made out of metal, you can purchase spray paint specifically designed for outdoor furniture to change the look. If you have patio furniture that is made out of wood, you can stain it a different color to give it a new look.

Another great way to give your patio furniture a second life is by purchasing new pads and pillows for your patio furniture. It is a lot cheaper to upgrade your patio pads and pillows than it is to get an entirely new patio set.

Shop At The End Of Summer

Finally, have some patience and shop near the end of the summer shopping season. Many department stores that have to make way for back-to-school items begin to put their patio furniture on sale in July since back to school session in many areas of the country is in full swing by the end of July. Many home improvement stores that don't face a back-to-school shopping need wait until August to put their patio furniture on sale.