Frames, Canvases, And Metal Prints: Which Is Best For Your Home’s Design?

When it comes to wall decorations, there are a lot of options. Past options were limited to paintings or printed photos, but today there are additional options: traditional frames, canvases, and metal prints. Each of these have their own unique design aesthetic, and some may be more well-suited to your home than others.

Traditional Frames: Versatile, Cheap, and Clean

Traditional frames can be anything that you want them to be, due to the wide variety of designs available. With traditional frames -- unlike canvases and metal prints -- the frame itself becomes part of the decor and art. You can get antique frames from yard sales, contemporary frames from your local furniture store, or custom picture frames from a specialized shop; whatever you choose, the frame can make a statement about your home and the design that you're going for. Be aware that traditional frames do require a glass front, which may have glare in some settings.

Canvases: Modern, Trendy, and Casual

Canvases are often seen as a trendier option compared to traditional frames. Many modern homes and lofts use canvases to open up the space; it makes every home look like an art gallery. Canvases often jut out from the wall quite a bit, and they need to be placed with this in mind. Canvases are generally more expensive than art prints but less expensive than a professional framing. In the right light, canvases can look subdued and warm, as they do absorb some light from their surroundings. 

Metal Prints: Unique, Stylish, and Urban

Metal prints are the newest of these three options and are associated with an extremely urban environment. Metal prints essentially "float"; they are a printed metal slab over a wood frame. The pricing of metal prints are generally comparable to canvases or slightly more expensive, and they are usually available in either matte or glossy finishes. Metal prints are also exceptionally durable and they are best suited for homes that are either ultra-modern or trendy. The colors tend to be very brilliant on metal prints, as compared to canvas, due to the surface texture of the metal itself.

Frames offer a certain level of self-expression that other options do not -- but canvases and metal prints are often seen as more modern and trendy. What works best for your home will depend on the type of art that you're looking at and the way the rest of your home looks and feels.