How To Properly Care For Heirloom Wooden Furniture Pieces

If you were fortunate to inherit some pieces of heirloom furniture made of wood, then it is important that you know how to properly care for them. While heirloom wood furniture is not difficult to properly care for, there are many things you can do that will damage the finish if you are not careful. Instead of guessing about how to keep the antique wood looking wonderful, it is always best to follow the proper technique. Taking care of the furniture pieces allows you to pass them along to your heirs someday in the same condition that you received the pieces.

Follow this procedure to properly care for your wooden heirloom furniture pieces without accidentally damaging their finish:

Place Your Heirloom Furniture Pieces in Safe Places within Your Home

While you may think to place your heirloom furniture pieces in areas with little foot traffic where they are less likely to be damaged from someone banging into them, you may not consider one of the biggest threats to the wood's surface -- sunlight. Over time, sunlight shining through a window will bleach the surface of the wood and will leave permanently discolored areas on the furniture's surface. To prevent sun damage, always place heirloom and other wooden furniture pieces away from windows.

Keep Your Heirloom Furniture Pieces in a Cool Room with a Steady Temperature

As wood heats and cools, it naturally expands and contracts. Over time, too much fluctuation in temperatures can cause your heirloom furniture pieces to crack. If your furniture cracks, then its value will plummet. To keep wood furniture from suffering this fatal blow, keep these types of furniture pieces in a cool room with a temperature that is relatively steady. For example, it is better to keep your antique desk in your home office rather than in the living room where your wood burning stove is located. 

Never Use Commercial Cleaning or Polishing Products on Heirloom Furniture Pieces

While you may be tempted to get out a can of furniture polish and go to town on your dusty heirloom furniture pieces when you first get them home, you should resist this urge. The furniture can easily be cleaned by wiping it down with a damp, clean cotton rag. If the piece needs to be sealed for protection, you should only apply a natural beeswax polish to its surface. The beeswax polish will protect the wood without damaging the piece's patina.

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