4 Keys To Getting The Right Dining Room Table For Your Home

A dining room table is a focal point for your home where your family gets together. It is not uncommon for a dining room table to last a lifetime. With the importance of this piece of furniture and the potential it has to last a long time, you may wonder how to choose the right table.

Getting the Measurements Right

One of the first things to consider is the size of the table. You need to know what size table will fit in your dining room. In order to do this, you need to measure the table-to-wall clearance and the table-to-furniture clearance. You want to make sure your family and friends and sit down and stand up with ease. In order to do this, there should be 42 to 48 inches of space between the table and the walls or furniture.

Getting the Right Materials

Choosing the right material plays a vital role in how long your dining room table is going to last. If you want the table to last a lifetime, you need to make sure it is made of sturdy material. This includes hardwoods such as walnut, maple, mahogany, oak, or teak. There is nothing wrong with tables made from composite or engineered wood, but they are never going to be as strong as natural hardwood.

Getting the Right Table for Your Lifestyle

It is vital for you to consider your lifestyle when choosing a dining room table for your home. If you are someone who moves to different homes a lot or likes to rearrange the furniture within your home, you are going to want to avoid purchasing a heavy dining room table. While there is nothing wrong with a heavy dining room table, it is better suited for a buyer who is putting it in one place in their dining room and leaving it there for a long time.

Getting the Spacing Right

It is important to consider the comfort level of the people you will have sitting at the dining room table. You do not want to purchase a table that is going to force people to sit on top of each other. Measure the shoulder span of a member of your household with the widest shoulders and then add a foot or two of space to the measurement. Then, you just need to multiply that by the number of people you have in your household. You can use this number to make sure you purchase a table large enough to accommodate your family without crowding everyone. You may even want to add a few people to accommodate any guests you may have over for dinner. It is better to take this approach than to just assume the number of chairs the table comes with is the number of spaces available as the measurements of every household's family members is unique.

By following these four tips, you should have no trouble finding dining room furniture that is right for your home.