How To Decorate With The Barn Wood Look

Barn wood is a modern rustic look that is very trendy right now. The look can be added to your home in a subtle way with decorative accents, or in a major way with the addition of barn wood to your walls or of furniture made from barn wood. See below for tips on how to decorate your home to get this look.

Small Decorative Accents

If you are looking for just a few barn wood accents, as in nothing too major (or expensive), smaller accents may be better for you. 

  1. Barn Wood Signs. Look for signs made from barn wood with sayings on them, or even signs with your family name on it. Hang these signs on a gallery wall, mixed with family photographs, or hang them above your couch or your bed. You can even create a personalized sign of your own by taking new wood, painting it with a brown stain, then white-washing it with white paint (and then wiping it off). Rough up the wood a bit with a hammer or a chain to give it an older, used look. Then use stencils to paint whatever saying, initial or picture you want on the sign.
  2. Storage Box. Storage boxes made from barn wood or older wood are a great accent to a living space. Use the box to store pillows, books or extra blankets. Add small castor wheels to the box for a rustic-industrial look.
  3. Shelving. Use old barn wood as shelves to store collectibles, frames or other decor. Hold the shelves in place with industrial hardware such as black piping.

Barn Wood Furniture

For something bigger, think of replacing some of your furniture pieces with barn wood furniture.

  1. Headboard. Replace your old headboard with a rustic-looking headboard. If you can't find one that you like, you can build one yourself. Create the look of an old barn door and use it as a headboard. Attach it to your bed frame with screws to hold it steady or screw it directly to your wall.
  2. Tables. Tables such as your couch table, end tables, coffee table or even your kitchen table can have a rustic barn wood look. You can even cover your old kitchen table with 2" x 2" pieces of wood cut to size and painted to look like barn wood.
  3. Paneling. Take an entire wall and cover it with barn wood pieces. It's a new take on older traditional oak or white paneling. Nail it in place to secure it to the wall using a nail gun. If you don't want to do the entire wall, just do the bottom 1/3 of the wall and use trim to outline it.

Use the barn wood look to give your home a rustic feel, but don't go overboard. You want it to feel clean and modern, not like an actual barn.