The Perfect Pieces For Your Posh And Playful Patio

If you want to revitalize your patio, invest in a few new furniture items. Depending on what you choose, you can create a swanky space for friends and family to lounge and a posh place to entertain.

The perfect pieces for your patio include:

A fiery focal point. If you plan on entertaining during chilly weather or on brisk nights, a fire or stove is a necessity. A simple covered fire-pit makes an excellent focal point for a patio, and will be the spot that friends and family gather together to visit.

A comfy couch. If you want a posh yet comfy patio space, you will need a couch. An outdoor couch will have weather-proof cushions that will be safe from the elements. Consider stylish chrome-accented couches for a modern look or versatile rattan for a sophisticated space.

Casual seating. If you want to be sure that you have enough places for guests to sit, invest in some casual seating. For instance, you can buy a stack of quality resin chairs to keep in storage, or you could consider one of the new and very-modern stackable cubes that come apart to provide several ottoman-style seats for your friends.

A terrific table. If you plan on dining outside, you will need a terrific table to accommodate all of your guests. Look for enamel, glass, or teak tables that will withstand the elements without you needing to cover or move the item.

Beautiful and bright lighting fixtures. Don't forget to invest in some stylish and functional lighting fixtures for your patio space. Solar lights and outdoor sconces will not provide enough illumination for all times of day and activities. Talk with furniture retailers about indoor/outdoor light sources that will add an elegant touch to your patio.

Some swanky stands. Cocktail tables are typically low to the ground, and provide the perfect place to set drinks or food during informal gatherings. Look for some cool cocktail tables with glass tops and metal legs for easy cleaning.

A rolling cart. A rolling cart can provide many purposes on your patio. First, these make excellent garden-tenders for folks that like to get their hands dirty in the yard. Second, these are great rolling bars and servers to use for food and drink at patio parties.

Visit furniture stores in your area or check out online sites to find great deals on these must-have patio items. When your patio has a fresh look, you may be surprised at how much time you spend there all year long!