Add Decorative Features To Complement Your New Office Furniture

After buying new office furniture, add some decorative features to complement your new purchases and showcase your personality. When finished, you will have an appealing area to complete your work in and can appreciate the special touches that you have added.

Monogrammed Mail Tray

Create a monogrammed mail tray to place on your desk. Attach letter stencils to the top of a metal tray with two-sided tape. Fill in the cut out portion of each stencil with acrylic craft paint and a thin paintbrush. Once the paint has dried, spray an acrylic sealer over the tray's surface. Your mail tray will make a bold statement and you won't have to worry about it becoming lost since it has your insignia permanently painted on it.

No-Sew Curtains

You do not need to be an experienced sewer in order to have beautiful curtains that will blend in well with all of the furniture in your working space. Measure the size of each window that is in your office. Purchase pieces of fabric that are the same size. If you would like the curtains to hang down lower or cover a larger area, purchase fabric pieces that are slightly larger.

Line up metal rings that are connected to curtain clips on the curtain rods that you are using. Attach the clips across the top of each piece of fabric, making sure that they are evenly spaced out. Squeeze the two ends of each clip together in order to do this. Attach a rod over each window with a hardware kit. When you would like to wash the curtains, simply unhook them and toss them into your washing machine.

Complementary Carpet

Set up a homemade carpet in front of your new couch, chairs, or desk. Attach carpet squares together with pieces of carpet adhesive. These small pieces of carpet are sold by floor covering retailers for an inexpensive price. Line up the pieces to form a pattern that is appealing. Consider using different colors and textures. Carefully turn each piece over so that the bottom sides are facing upwards and the pattern is not mixed up.

Attach pieces together by cutting strips of carpet adhesive and placing them across the edges of pieces that are next to each other. Make sure that half of the adhesive is on each piece that is being adjoined. Once all of the pieces are attached, turn over the carpet and admire your handiwork.

Once you have finished decorating your working space, you will feel more at home in your office and will appreciate how each item enhances the new pieces of furniture that you have purchased. For more ideas, take a look at companies like Creative Furniture Galleries.