Tips To Decorate Playroom With Fun Furniture

Creating a playroom means creating a space where kids want to be. You don't want to fill the room with dark, boring furniture. Leather couches and playrooms do not go hand in hand. Follow these tips to create a fun, livable space for your little ones to play in.

Reading Corner

Every playroom needs a reading corner. Start with your bookshelves. A tree bookcase is very populate because it doesn't take up a lot of space, but still holds several books. The trees come in different colors and vary in shape as well.

A sling bookshelf uses fabric sleeves to hold the books. This is perfect for very young children that don't have the manual dexterity to carefully put books back where they belong.

Every reading corner also needs place for your kids to sit. Get a couple of small beanbags good for one person to sit on. You could also find miniature recliners or child-sized camp chairs that are great for reading.

In addition to individual chairs, you should have a place where your children can cuddle up together to read a book. You have several options to choose from. You could get an extra large beanbag. A barrel tub or over-sized swivel chair would be the favorite place to sit. This is a large circular chair. The unique shape begs children to climb up on it.

Comfy Rug

Playrooms should be carpeted for comfort. However, have you considered adding a rug on top of the carpet? This extra padding is great, but it really makes the room more appealing visually. You can choose the color or pattern to decorate the room. A playroom is full of toys, but adding a rug to the mix shows that you planned how you wanted the space to look.

Easy Access to Toys

One of the most important pieces of furniture you will have in a playroom is the toy storage area. Toy storage has to accommodate two tasks. First, it must be easy for the kids to reach and get their toys out from. Second, it must be easy to clean up and organize the toys.

Cubed shelves are great because it comes with some separation and organization built in. You can easily add containers in each cube to put toys in. Some people like using clear plastic bins to hold toys because you can easily see what is in each bin. However, that means that when you clean up the room you will still see all the toys in their bins. It is better to use canvas storage containers.

Choose shelves based on the current age of your children. If you have toddlers, don't get a cubed shelf that is very much taller than they are. Always secure the furniture to the walls so there is less likelihood that it can fall down. Talk to places like Red House Furniture for more information.