Making End Tables Out Of Wooden Barstools

If you're like most people, you've picked up a couple wooden barstools at your local department store to add more seating in your home. Most of these don't have backs and are light in color, so they can have other purposes in the home. One idea is to use them as end tables on the side of the sofa in the living room. This guide provides the steps to create end tables out of wooden barstools.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Materials

In addition to the barstools, you'll need to grab the following in order to complete this project properly:

  • tape measurer
  • pencil
  • circular saw
  • fabric
  • scissors
  • measuring tape (for sewing)
  • fine-grit sandpaper
  • vacuum cleaner with attachments

Step 2: Measure the Sofa or Bed

Use the tape measurer to get the height of the sofa. You can determine whether you want the table to be the same height of the sofa, or you can make it a little smaller. Write down this height so you don't forget.

Step 3: Mark the Cut Points on the Barstool Legs

Put the tape measurer on the top of the barstool and pull it out to the distance of the height of the bed or sofa. Then mark the position of that number on the leg of the stool. Do this for all four legs.

Step 4: Cut and Sand the Legs

Use the circular saw to cut off the portion of the barstool legs beneath the line you drew in the previous step.

Sand the legs with the fine-grit sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges. Then vacuum the sawdust so that you don't drag it all through the house. You may need to put the attachments on the vacuum to reach corners or other hard-to-reach places where sawdust may be hiding.

Step 5: Set in Place and Cover With Fabric

Set the barstool in place and put one end of the measuring tape (for sewing) on the floor and pull it around the top of the stool, then pull it all the way to floor on the other side.

Use this measurement to cut the fabric with the scissors. Measure it both sideways and lengthwise to obtain an even piece. Then place the fabric over the stool and decorate with your favorite items.

Use your imagination when decorating or choosing the fabric for your new table. As an alternative, consider using these tables in other areas of your home where a table is needed but a smaller one is called for. Ask a furniture expert at a local furniture store, such as Heary Art & Sons Furniture Inc, for more ideas on what to cover the stools with if you don't want to use fabric.