We Purchased Rattan Furniture In Honolulu HI For Our New Place

We found beautiful rattan furniture in Honolulu HI for our new place. My husband has been transferred here for about two years. We jumped at the chance to be stationed in Hawaii. We have vacationed here and were so excited for this opportunity. Because of the cost of shipping to the islands, we didn't bring much with us. We left all our furniture in storage back on the mainland. It has been really fun to look at furnishings for our home here. I knew right away that I wanted rattan furniture from Honolulu HI in our home. It is beautiful and durable and it feels right at home on the island. There were several styles to choose from, and I found one I really liked. Once I settled on a style, then I was able to order the fabric for the cushions. The salesgirl took me into a room with tables full of catalogs. I was amazed at all the choices for fabric. I chose two that I really liked and the girl let me take them home to show my husband. In the end, we both liked the same one. The furniture has been delivered and we love it. It is very comfortable and we can relax in it. We also like that it makes us feel at home here in Hawaii.